Sunday 28 March 2010

The End To A Manic Week

Well its been awhile getting out that big hole I dug........Its just been so manic here over the last few days, with some crazy hours being put in, trying to get all our jobs that we wanted done before it,s back to my full-time job in the morning.
So the electric guys turned up on Wednesday and that's when the mess started, the weather turned against us and the mud bath began!!

Unfortunately because of our water pipe that runs down the edge of are yard, the drive way area took a hit with the digger to allow the ducting to be put down. Lily can be seen sitting on a wall we have surveying the work.

The ducting has now gone in and covered with "Caution Electric Cable Below" tape that we have to put on top of the ducting, so this was now Thursday and I have come to the decision that I'm surprised anything gets down with the company installing the electric.....these guys are nice enough but are constantly on tea breaks, its taken them two days to dig 3/4 the distance I have and they still have got to install the ducting for there bit. I'm not blowing my own trumpet......just standing on my soap box.......what are they playing at.........come on lads pull your fingers out!!

Friday midday brings us the occasional sunshine and our electric cable appears......Yippee!! this is an amazing sight for us, its like we are getting that step closer from using candles! The guys finally get the cable to our meter box and speed off into the distance to hit the pubs.
Well with the work force gone it was time to start back filling the trench, we could have started this sooner but I wanted to make sure the cable came through without any problems. It soon became apparent that with all the rain we had, we needed to do something to the yard as it had turned to sledge as clay does, so after a quick phone call Friday afternoon we had 40t of stone on its way.

Now hats off to the brave driver who was more than happy to back his wagon into our yard, but what you can't see on this picture is that the other side of the lorry has sank deep into the ground.......apologies for no pictures of this but we became a little busy trying to free the lorry, after several attempts and the lorry sliding ever closer to our gate post which would have put stop to everything, we finally got him out.......needless to say the second load got tip just off the road in the start of our drive way.
Well that's all for tonight as we are all so worn out and my bed is calling.

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