Saturday 20 March 2010

Earth Moving

I have finally got some time off work, we made a start on sorting out for our electric to be connected next week. With the arrival of our machinery on Friday evening, it was all systems go this morning. I do love having machinery to play on although they say blokes can't do more than one thing so Lisa got her hands on the Dumper.....

Now I'm all up for Lisa giving it a go and getting stuck in, but it does help if your feet reach the foot plate and you can work out how to stop and start the machine!

Oh, spoke to soon she is off and raring to go, so that only left myself and Lily to start playing and making a mess with our machine. We had to remove some old posts out the ground first and rather than breaking my back I decided to get the digger involved to pull them out, this was done in seconds which left us to start removing some old grass banking that we want moving.

This was an old allotment we let over grow, which we are going to redevelop next year once we are a little more straight. None of these pictures show any of the main work that we have done today, so I will ensure that we take some more informative pictures tomorrow.

Well that's all for tonight, but more mess making tomorrow, at least its not supposed to rain tomorrow unlike today so Ill let you use your imagination to what state we are in, but you have to make a mess sometimes.


  1. gets alot worse...before it gets day the mess...will be a fantastic...dream come true !....nice to see the ladies on the machineary....Jayne

  2. Hi Jayne, Lisa says thanks for the support on the machineary.....I must admitt Jayne, Lisa is very good with things like this and enjoys it just as much as I do. Take care

  3. Hello Karl,

    Whilst you're in the digger cab with Lilly Bear, get her to show you how to operate it ;o))

    By the way, I cannot see any Donkey's in the background.....