Sunday 22 September 2013

Dream's Can Come true.

Hello all

We have had a lovely day today, we were visited by a lovely lady from Yorkshire along with her auntie and uncle, who I cant name because I for got to ask if I could mention them on the blog. They were a real lovely family who want to live the alpaca dream, which was fantastic for us to talk to them about how we set out on our dream, the way we have set out our business where we want to go with it, and most import a good old rummage through the alpaca fleeces, explaining what its all about.

The stud pens are coming on, Karl has been working hard on them this weekend again. he is back work tomorrow for a rest!!! bless him

Lily has another wobbly tooth which is big news for her, the cat has had kittens and Willow is getting over being spade last Thursday, hard work trying to stop her bounding round home. Sorry Pebbles your next :-(

Thats all for tonight take care all.

Tuesday 17 September 2013


Hello all

Today has been a bit of a wet day, poo picking the fields still had to be done but I was just to hot in water proofs so I got wet, I did enjoy my cup of tea after I had finished.

Karl over the weekend has been working hard building stud pens, its starting to take shape and should be ready shortly I hope (No pressure Karl).

This picture was taken before it rained taken from our lounge window, it beats watching the television any day.

Take care all. 

Sunday 8 September 2013

What's Karl Been Up To!

Hello all

Great weather here today, suns out but not to hot and a field of content alpacas grazing, I do love my job.

Over the past few weeks we have been doing all sorts of DIY around the farm getting ready for winter once more.

My fantastic husband has made new doors.

 He has also concreted the back barn, which will be made into 4 stud pens and 2 birthing units with heat lamps for times if we should need them.

Its getting their, next weekend I think he starting the block work, then it will be down to me to paint, its going to be nice to have pens that work well for the job that we do, thank you Karl your amazing.

thanks all take care. x

Friday 6 September 2013

Saying Hello

Hello all

Just thought I would share a few pictures with you all

Willow Love's to come with me to feed the alpacas, the alpacas really don't mind her being in the field around the young cria's, every body just wants to say hello.

Wellground Tchaikovsky keeping an eye on his girl from a far, he is my handsome cuddly teddy bear.

Wellground Beyond Compare looks great after her c section back in June, her cria Willowbank Susan is growing up fast, she is looking like a real little cracker. 

Well its late at night as I'm writing this, Karl has just come in from work so I'm off to make him a cup of tea.

Good night all.

Monday 2 September 2013

Been A Wild Weekend.

Hello all,

Well we are getting back to normal again, Lily went back school on Thursday.

And then Saturday was party day, Lily this year wanted a birthday party, so with the barn cleaned and painted, we put banners up happy birthday signs and straw bales placed around the barn, it was set for a wild west fancy dress party for Lily's class friends, 

It was fantastic to see all the kids dressed up and having fun,  I cant put many pictures up because I forgot to asked the parents if I could use them apart from this one.

The cake was made by a friend of ours Amy Bevins, she makes the most amazing cakes.

So happy birthday to our Lily Bear, we love you so much.