Tuesday 27 August 2013

2 More Today.

Hello all

Well today Wellground Magenta has given birth to a little girl, Magenta is a cracking female having Accoyo Remarque for her sire and Jolimont Commisario on the dams side.

We have decided to call her Willowbank Ruby Tuesday, She is sired by Wellground Relentless who is once more a very proud daddy. Relentless has super genetics his sire is EP Cambridge Samson and NWA Ltd Ruffo on his dams side, that makes for a very nice Ruby Tuesday.

Having made my self a cup of tea after cleaning up from Magenta's birth, I decided to sit on the bank and watch mum and baby bond, while having a chat to Donna from Honeyfield Alpacas on her show success yesterday, I noticed that Bacardi had now gone into labour, with in the hour I had 2 new baby cria's on the ground.

Meet Willowbank Rum, a strong but laid back young man sired by Wellground Relentless, so with Donna laughing at me down the phone as I huffed and puffed clearing his air way and spraying navel, (he is a big heavy boy) we have 2 more babies.

The cria at the back is Willowbank Lily and the other to the front is Willowbank Ruby Tuesday.

Finally Willowbank Rum finds the milk bar, he is a lazy cria!!! 

Sunday 25 August 2013

Wellground Lora Finally Has Her Baby

Hello all

The day has finally come 364 days and Lora has given birth to a fantastic little girl, poor Lora had a tough birth all a bit of a tight squeeze with her being a maiden, Lora needed a bit of help getting her cria out.

But she is very much in love with her new baby girl.

Its a special little girls birthday on Thursday, Lily our daughter will be 6, so we have decided to call the cria Willowbank Lily.

Willowbank Lily is sired by Wellground Close Encounter, with his top elite genetics combined with Lora's eliteness, we should have a little cracker.

That's all for tonight from a very happy Willowbank.

Monday 12 August 2013

Come On Wellground Lora

Hello all

Well i'm still waiting for Wellground  Lora to give birth she is now 351 days, It's like waiting for christmas, i'm so excited to see what she will produce.

She is mated to Wellground Close Encounter, a stunning male that produces really fantastic cria's, our up and coming male  Willowbank Prime Contender is a Close Encounter baby, and another boy coming through the ranks is Willowbank High Flyer, again a Wellground Close Encounter son, who also has a bright fleece thats full of beautiful staples and crimp. 

Will keep you posted on Lora, but for now i'm back off to paint. 

Saturday 10 August 2013

Wellground Tchaikovsky

Hello all

I thought I should put a few pictures up of Wellground Tchaikovsky, to show you who Rob & Les at Wellgroung Alpacas stud are talking about.

He is the most handsome
boy with a fleece to die for, so soft and what surprised me most was the weight of his fleece when shorn. Ted as we call him is Sired by Silverstream Czar of Anzac and the Dam is EP Cambridge Assertive Lass, who has Jolimont Commisario and Jolimont Conquistador in her genetics.

Wellground stud have had some cracking off spring from our boy this year, can't wait to see the fleeces of these animals in shows next year and our own babies being born from him next year to, very exciting time's ahead for us at Willowbank. 

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Some Of My Painting!!!

Hello all

Thought I would put a few pictures up of what I've been painting.

This is the top barn, Karl has in closed the front a little bit more so the weather keeps out in the winter. Then once Karl has done his magic touch it's my turn to paint it all up.

After painting all the wall's with under coat, their final colour is Mid Stone, I should have taken a picture inside the barn, I wonder which alpaca will be the first to spit on my nice wall's.

The bottom yard is also having a make over, painted inside and out. All it needs now is the new doors making which when Karl gets a day off work bless him they may just get made.

This is what it looks like from the drive way, I've still got more painting to do but I'm getting their. 

That's all for tonight, Karl has got home from work, so I'm going to make him a nice cup of tea.

Monday 5 August 2013

Lily's World

Hello all

I'm still doing DIY here, and it is starting to take shape. The heaven's have opened so I've taken to the computer to up date you all on whats been happening here at Willowbank, I am still waiting for Wellground Lora to give birth, she is now 10 days over her due date.

As for Lily the bear......

Or should I say Lily the sheep???

Have you even seen a sheep riding a pony????.  As well as dressing up I found her building 

She makes the most of the space she has to play in.

That's what our Lily has been up to so far this summer holidays.
Will be out with the camera when it stops raining to take pic's of the barn and the Alpacas.