Tuesday 27 August 2013

2 More Today.

Hello all

Well today Wellground Magenta has given birth to a little girl, Magenta is a cracking female having Accoyo Remarque for her sire and Jolimont Commisario on the dams side.

We have decided to call her Willowbank Ruby Tuesday, She is sired by Wellground Relentless who is once more a very proud daddy. Relentless has super genetics his sire is EP Cambridge Samson and NWA Ltd Ruffo on his dams side, that makes for a very nice Ruby Tuesday.

Having made my self a cup of tea after cleaning up from Magenta's birth, I decided to sit on the bank and watch mum and baby bond, while having a chat to Donna from Honeyfield Alpacas on her show success yesterday, I noticed that Bacardi had now gone into labour, with in the hour I had 2 new baby cria's on the ground.

Meet Willowbank Rum, a strong but laid back young man sired by Wellground Relentless, so with Donna laughing at me down the phone as I huffed and puffed clearing his air way and spraying navel, (he is a big heavy boy) we have 2 more babies.

The cria at the back is Willowbank Lily and the other to the front is Willowbank Ruby Tuesday.

Finally Willowbank Rum finds the milk bar, he is a lazy cria!!! 


  1. great looking cria's Lisa, so glad all that huffing and puffing was worth it :)

  2. Great cria, but that Lily looks stunning guys. Nice one.