Thursday 23 June 2011

What You All Looking At......

Hi Folks,

It's been a couple of days again since my last blog, so I thought I should try and slip in another one.

We have been dodging the rain showers that we have been gratefully receiving over the last few days although the ground just seems to keep soaking it all up and it looks like we have had no rain what so ever.

Whilst we were enjoying a nice cup of tea I spotted the alpacas looking for something, I managed to grab a quick picture of them doing so. It soon became apparent of what they were watching but unfortunately the batteries went flat in the camera to catch what happened next.

The alpacas had spotted two hare's in the paddock and proceeded in chasing them around the paddock for two laps before the hare's managed to escape through the stock fencing, it was quite amusing watching them all pronking around after them and very good to watch how the alpacas had started to work together in trying to corner the hare's before there great escape. I wish I had a video camera it would have been nice to have watched it again and to share with you all how the alpacas worked as a team.

Relentless our herd sire has been working his magic again and has an appointment with another of our girls this weekend when I am off to give Lisa a hand, so hopefully some more pictures to come and an updated picture of Tilly our 13kg cria that was born a couple of weeks ago, she has come on really well and has the most amazing fleece, lets just hope she keeps this quality as she grows up.

Well that's all for tonight, back soon.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Herd Sires.....

Hi All,

Well my last blog again was so long ago. I can't wait to have so more time on my hands when I change jobs in the next few weeks. Today we have been ear tagging our Ryeland Lambs and this years cria's so far.

Our herd sire Wellground Relentless has been working his magic today on one of his girls and has had fun working it all out, good lad Relentless you show them what your made of!!

We are really excited to see what Relentless will produce for us. Relentless's genetics consist of EP Cambridge Samson as his sire, EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus as his grand sire and Jolimont Amatea as his grand dam. Relentless's dam is Wellground Ruffo's Reflection, NWA Ltd Ruffo is her grand sire. So some good genetics in the mix.

Our other herd sire Wellground Tchaikovsky is just as stunning and also packed with quality genetics with Silverstream Czar of Anzac as his sire, ILR Alpine Fibre's Brutus as his grand sire and Peruvian Hemingway as his great grand sire. Tchaikovsky's dam is EP Cambridge Assertive Lass, with Jolimont Commisario as her grand sire and Jolimont Conquistador as her great grand sire to name just a few. So some exciting times coming soon when these cria's start hitting the ground.

In the middle is Wellground Tchaikovsky a Solid Mid Fawn, standing here proud with his pals, on the left we have WillowBank Killawasi's Spirit and on the right of Tchaikovsky we have Cambridge Kazuo. Both Spirit and Kazuo are potential studs on the horizon with genetics including EP Cambridge Gianmarco's Masterpiece, Jolimont Gianmarco, Jolimont Sculptor, Jolimont Encantador, EP Cambridge Stormcat, NWA Ltd Ruffo, Cambridge Cajamarca of Blenheim, Jolimont Palmina to name but a few for these two boys.

Well that's all for now, I'll be back soon.

Friday 10 June 2011

News, News, News

Hi All,

Well again the time since my last blog has flown by. I just don't seem to find the time at the minute to try and keep it up to date, hopefully soon this will change as I am pleased to say that I have found a new job and have handed in my notice with my current employer. This has not been an easy decision to make as I have worked for this company on and off for over 12 years but with all the travelling involved and the long hours which really doesn't give me much time to do anything else when I get home, it has finally had to come to and end.
So moving onto pastures new in the next few weeks will be culture shock but I am also looking forwards to the new challenge ahead and with the job being just 20 minutes up the road instead of the 1hr 30minutes if I was lucky to my current job, this should make a pleasant change and increases my time spent at home considerably.

Anyway that's enough of that news. Moving onto alpaca related news we would like to wish Lisa and Dave all the very best with the three boys they purchased from us and we delivered to them last Saturday.

Here is Lisa and Dave helping to unload there three boys (L2R) Wellground Gieves, WillowBank Killawasi's Image and WillowBank Coco just leaving the trailer to their new home. We are so pleased for Lisa and Dave who are over the moon with the boys and has fulfilled a dream of owning alpacas for pets.

Gieves seems to have taken a real shine to Dave and I think these two are going to be inseparable. Well done guys and all the best for the future.

Now onto a final bit of news for today and I am pleased to see that after the announcement of Rob's Alpaca Blog from Wellground Alpaca Stud coming to an end, that Rob and Les have returned with something new, exciting and fresh on the scene with the launch of their Wellground Alpaca Video Diary, what a fantastic idea. Although the video diary is still in it's early stages, this will be something special to follow. If the video diary is anything like the blog they used to post then this will soon be followed by many. Great idea guys, good to have you back.

Well that's all for now, but when the rain stops and the sun shines, I will try and get some new pictures of the 13kg cria that was born, who has now been named "Tilly"