Thursday 23 June 2011

What You All Looking At......

Hi Folks,

It's been a couple of days again since my last blog, so I thought I should try and slip in another one.

We have been dodging the rain showers that we have been gratefully receiving over the last few days although the ground just seems to keep soaking it all up and it looks like we have had no rain what so ever.

Whilst we were enjoying a nice cup of tea I spotted the alpacas looking for something, I managed to grab a quick picture of them doing so. It soon became apparent of what they were watching but unfortunately the batteries went flat in the camera to catch what happened next.

The alpacas had spotted two hare's in the paddock and proceeded in chasing them around the paddock for two laps before the hare's managed to escape through the stock fencing, it was quite amusing watching them all pronking around after them and very good to watch how the alpacas had started to work together in trying to corner the hare's before there great escape. I wish I had a video camera it would have been nice to have watched it again and to share with you all how the alpacas worked as a team.

Relentless our herd sire has been working his magic again and has an appointment with another of our girls this weekend when I am off to give Lisa a hand, so hopefully some more pictures to come and an updated picture of Tilly our 13kg cria that was born a couple of weeks ago, she has come on really well and has the most amazing fleece, lets just hope she keeps this quality as she grows up.

Well that's all for tonight, back soon.


  1. I love watching the alpacas working together like that, pity the batteries went flat on the camera.

    We're really pleased to hear that Tilly has an amazing fleece, Legend is certainly producing some super cria for us. His only progeny shown so far was Junior Male Reserve Champion at the recent Northumberland County Show.

  2. Lovely photo of the alpacas...all watching the intruders !!......pitty that battery went flat !.....looking forward to seeing the updated baby pictures !........Great to hear that Relentless has got the hang of romancing those girls !!................Jayne