Friday 15 July 2011

We Are Still Alive........

Hi Folks,

It's been so long since our last blog and tonight's is only a short one too. All our alpacas are doing fantastic and we are back into birthing time again.

Wellground Relentless our herd sire is now in full flow with his matings and we are getting spit-offs from his mating which shows positive signs. Relentless has really mastered the art of loving his females and gets on with the job. We are now offering selected matings with Relentless to those that have strict bio-security measures in place and of course this will be at our discretion.

We have lots of pictures and lots more to catch up on over the next few weeks so keep watching this space to what we have been up to.

Things have been a little bit manic here since our last blog and some things have not gone to plan but more on all of that stuff when I can say more!

Well take care all, and return soon.

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