Monday 25 June 2012

Another Cria Born

Hi Folks

Well the sunshine has brought us another cria today. This time it is from our very own herd sire "Wellground Relentless". We have been waiting patiently for this years cria's to see what Relentless will pass on to the new born.

"WillowBank Cadberry"
"WillowBank Cadberry" a solid fawn boy Sired by "Wellground Relentless" our very own herd sire here at WillowBank Alpacas. "WillowBank Cadberry" looks like he is going to be a little cracker, we will just have to see how he progresses as time will only tell!!

"WillowBank Cadberry"
"WillowBank Cadberry" was born 14 days early but that doesn't seem to be a problem as he surveys his new surrounding looking for his new play mate that was born yesterday.

Sitting Proud 
We still haven't decided a name for this young man yet, but we are sure it will come in time. He just loves to pose to the camera and is more than happy to just sit and take it all in, until he is hungry that is then there is no stopping him on the milk bar!

That's it again for tonight who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Our First Cria Arrives

Hi All,

Well again it's been such a long time since we last blogged.....disgraceful!

We have been busy redesigning the website and putting adverts in magazines, which has been paying off for us. A little dickie bird told me that getting the advertisements right is an essential part to our business, that dickie bird was right of course and we believe we have got it right.....well the phone is ringing so we must be doing something right.

The shearers came Friday just gone the 22nd, they said bright and early as they arrived at 07.30 and we all got stuck in. We are so lucky to have the barns enabling us to bring the alpacas in during this bad weather, which also allows us to operate our carousel design in the barns rotating the alpacas round for shearing, the day well went really well like a well oiled machine.

Today saw our first cria of 2012 born here at WillowBank Alpacas......a cracking solid white male who's sire is Wellground Close Encounter and the dam is Wellground Beyound Compare both parents posses fantastic genetics which we are sure their traits will have been passed onto this fabulous boy, I think this could be one of those to keep a close eye on.

Here is the fella sitting happily in the barn as the weather has been really hit and miss here all day, so we didn't want to risk him getting cold and decided to keep him in all day with mum. We will get some nice out in the paddock shots as soon as the weather permits.

Well that's it for tonight, but with us now being in full swing of birthing it's only a matter of time before we have more cria popping along.