Sunday 21 June 2009

Fantastic day with Alpaca's

What a fantastic day we have had today, myself, Lisa & Lily have visited our new friends Jeff & Sheila at Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud ( for some hands on husbandry skills and lambivac injections. This is the first time for me and Lisa to actually get hands on with Alpaca's and be involved with assisting with spit-off, we did feel for Ice Cool Lad who was more than happy to service his ladies, but unfortunately had to be patient for a while, until later on in the afternoon when he finally got his way with Black Magic I'm sure he showed her a trick or two!! :)
Jeff & Sheila are an absolute fantastic couple with lots of advice and enthusiasm, we hope to buy our Alpaca's from Jeff & Sheila, as soon as we are the position to do so.
We were recommended to Jeff & Sheila by Rob & Lesley Rawlins from Wellground Alpaca Stud ( and what a fantastic and worthwhile recommendation that is. We look very much forwards to working with both Jeff & Sheila and Rob & Lesley in the future, hopefully we will return all the help given in the following years to come. If you are ever in need of advice, these are the people to ask.

Sunday 14 June 2009

A busy week fencing

Well its been a busy week for myself and Lisa, we are also renting 4 acres of land as well as our own 5 & half, the gentleman that owns the land ask us if we would put the fencing up for him, of course we said we would, after all its going to benefit us more when we get our Alpaca's. He had all the kit we needed including a machine to bore the holes in the ground, surely this was going to be a nice easy job!!
How wrong we were, after setting the machine in the ground for the first hole, it starts to drive its self into the ground, fantastic, oh spoke to soon! 4" into the ground and it stops going down anymore, I remove the machine clear the hole of soil to reveal solid clay that the machine wont touch, so its down to breaking it up as best as we can with a spade and try the process again, another 3" and its machine out, spade back in! only another 70 holes to go! oh I forgot 2 new gate posts to put in too. :)
Lily our daughter has also been busy, this Saturday 13th was our village carnival with the theme of "Aliens" with Lily only being 20 mths of age she found it all a bit strange, why have mum and dad painted my face green! and put me in strange clothes, she was not amused. ( photo's can be viewed on the village website )

Monday 8 June 2009

Im still trying to learn

We are still just as committed as ever to make our dreams come true, we are desperatly trying to sell our house to fund our dream. We keep having veiwings but just no sale, it gets very annouying, we have been very lucky to have Rob & Lesley from Wellground Alpaca's to keep us from going insane.

If you have been trying to follow our blog and waiting for updates I am trying to find the time to update more often, watch this space.