Wednesday 19 August 2009

Second Viewing!

Well after the two house viewings on Saturday, we received a call from the estate agents requesting a second viewing for today. Well they came and viewed but showed no signs or hints to say if they would be putting in an offer, so I guess we are back to waiting for the call from the estate agents, but this is still a good sign that they wanted to come back for another look.

We have finally got are hay cut and baled, so yesterday was a busy day for us, as we had to bring the hay in off the field before the weather turns, as I'm sure it will soon! A phone call later and we have sold half of it already to a local guy that normally buys from us, it all helps towards the upkeep of the farm.

I have finally finished dismantling the waterfall and I'm now filling in the fish pond with the rubble, I wish it still had water in as it was rather hot today.

We will Keep you all updated on house situation.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Visit To EasterWood Alpaca Stud

Well its been a busy few weeks again for us, a couple more house viewings that didn't lead to anything (I'm sure people just want to have a nose around)

I have also been help a friend of ours to dismantle a waterfall, sounds simple but believe me this was not just any waterfall!!

On Sunday we had another trip down to Jeff & Sheila at EasterWood Alpaca Stud, yet again we had a fantastic time getting hands on with the Alpaca, even if I did get spat on a couple of times, I didn't mind, that's a part of learning in my eyes, it was also Jeff & Sheila hearing on Tuesday so its been fingers crossed over the last few days.

I came back home from still dismantling the waterfall today, to hear Lisa tell me that we have another two house viewings on Saturday, one of which is an investor so this could be promising, but as per usual its not sold in my eye until we have moved out! :)

Keep you all posted.