Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Greetings

Hi All,

We would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. It has been a good year for us and we are very much looking forwards to 2013.

Lily our daughter is really getting excited about Santa coming tonight and I'm sure will be spoilt to bits, she is going on a train ride this afternoon to meet Santa, which is quite nice as they get to travel on a steam train and then meet Santa in one of the carriages.

We are officially an island again, we have never experienced flooding like this, although we are still great full that we are more fortunate than others during this dismal weather.

So again to all that we know stay dry and keep warm, from all of us at WillowBank Alpaca Stud,


Thursday 20 December 2012

Found The Lead!

Hi All,

Well I found the lead for the camera Lisa had hidden it!! Only joking in fact it was Lisa that found it, in a place that I had already looked how has that happened because I didn't see, I'm sure women hide things to try and confuse us men into thinking we are going mad!

So here are the pictures that should have gone with my last blog. Here is "Willow" the puppy, she is now five weeks old and growing fast.

The follow pictures are of Lisa and Lily with Willow showing Lily's classmates the new puppy followed by the chickens that Donna and Niel dropped off for us a couple of weeks ago also being shown to the class.

I have only one day left at work until finishing for Christmas and can't wait to spend some time back on the farm and with the family.

Well that's it for tonight, the rain is pounding the caravan, the central heating is on and Lisa has just made me a cup of tea.......perfect.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Lost Camera Lead!

Hi folks,

Only a short one tonight as my original plan of putting some pics on the blog has been hampered by not being able to find the lead that links my camera to the computer, how annoying. I will endeavour to find the lead and get the pictures to match the words!

Well since the last blog and our visit from Donna and Niel from Honeyfield Alpacas, who very kindly delivered our daughter some new chickens (pictures on camera) we have been very busy keeping up with the bad weather and the alpacas being in for the majority of the days gone by. Lisa is working like a machine and keeping the barns in tip top condition for the alpacas, they sure do appreciate it. We are lucky to be able to bring all of our alpacas into our barns and after the new stud pens that we created, it has become less of a juggling act.

Today Lisa took Lily to school with a couple of folks in tow, some of you may recall from a previous blog that our Jack Russell had a single puppy that we called "Willow" (I wonder how we came up with that name) well today they briefly visited Lily's class mates for them to see the new puppy, Pebbles got herself dressed up for the occasion and was proud to show off her baby, now with the puppy being the only one obviously it has all of the goodness that Pebbles can offer and is on the plump side, puppy fat is i think the correct term! Now I'm not one for normally complaining to much but as Lily teacher comments that the puppy is a little fatty, Lily turned round and said "my daddy is fat too" thanks Lily, that's just great!

After the puppy it was time for the new chickens to strut their stuff, well strut is probably not the correct term as they were being held by Lisa but even so they were just a pleased to see the children, Lily was proud as punch to be able to show off her pets to her class mates and we always get such good feed back from the school.

Well that's all for tonight as without the pictures it's not the same.

Saturday 1 December 2012

Visit From The South

Hi folks,

Just a quick one tonight as we are expecting visitors shortly. Today was our daughters day of excitement. Lily has been waiting for a delivery of some new chickens well today they arrived hand delivered from all the way done south! So the arm chair detectives were sent on a little wild goose chase as delivering the chickens were Donna and Neil from HoneyField Alpacas. It was a pleasure catching up with you again, and it also gave us a chance for a fleece rummage through the alpacas and a look around the farm. I am pleased to say that the puppy has remained here with us and was not smuggled away with Donna and Neil when they left, thanks again guys Lily loves her new chucks.

We are releasing some more alpacas for sale and pictures will follow tomorrow as the batteries are flat in the camera at the moment.

So here is just a run down on the latest releases. First up we have "Cambridge Ginny" sired by "Wellground Legend of Spartacus" with cracking genetics in his line and "Ginny" dam is "Yuralee Katia of Cambridge" who also has some fantastic genetics herself.

"WillowBank Polly" sired by "EP Cambridge Gianmarco's Masterpiece" again amazing genetics in this line and on the dam side is "Yuralee Katia of Cambridge"

Finally we are offering "Yuralee Katia of Cambridge" sired by "Jolimont Manfredo" with sort after genetics in his line, her dam "Yuralee Crysatalglen Kyle" we are pleased to be offering Katia with a female cria at foot sired by our very own herd sire "Wellground Relentless" who has some desired genetics all of his own, like "EP Cambridge Samson", "Wellground Ruffo's Reflection", "NWA Ltd Ruffo" to name but a few.

Pictures of all above will be uploaded tomorrow but you must agree a cracking chance to purchase some fabulous genetics.

Well that's all for tonight, back tomorrow with those picture.