Sunday 28 July 2013

DIY Around The Farm.

Hello all

Karl and I have been busy doing jobs about the place, while all the alpacas are sleeping out we have been making improvements to the top barn, we were finding in the winter the wind and rain was going into the barn so we wanted to keep the air flow but just make it a little more protected for the alpacas.

Lily and I jet washed the barn out and painted the wall"s on the inside on Friday/Saturday. We now have all the wood work to paint up next then start on the bottom barn"s improvements and re paint.  we are getting their slowly and soon we will be ready for winter again. 

I found Lily rummaging through the Alpaca fleeces, it's nice that she is interested in what we do here at Willowbank, she is very much apart of the business and want's to help with all the animals etc. I have to say she can pick a good fleece out. (starting her young). 

That's all for tonight xx 

Thursday 25 July 2013

Willowbank Lottie

Hello all

Busy bee's back here at Willowbank, while alpacas are out enjoying the sunshine I've picked up the paint brush, time to give the place a lick of paint again and a good tidy round, bit like spring cleaning but out side.

Willow the dog helping too.

We have a cracking little cria Willowbank Lottie, she is a very sweet little girl and  along with her mum Cambidge Ginny, both owned by clients of ours and have always remained on our farm, these two are being released for sale at £4000 plus vat. Please call for anymore information.

They offer fantastic genetics having EP Cambridge Peruvian Spartacus, Jolimont Commisario in their pedigree to name just a few. 

This picture is taken by Karl as he sat on the decking, the alpacas always come over to be with us when we sit out etc. I'm always enchanted by these wonderful animals.

Well it's a new day, my paint brush is waiting and the girls who are due to birth to keep my eye on.

Enjoy your day 

Monday 22 July 2013

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!

Everybody here is feeling the heat including me, I know we should not moan but I'm cooked. 
So glad all the shearing etc is done for this heat wave, I cant imagine what it must be like for animals who still have there fleeces on, like being in a car with the windows up maybe?

Wellground Beyond Compare with her fantastic little cria Willowbank Susan.

 Think baby Susan is tired, cuddled up with mum in the heat, Beyond Compare had a uterine torsion which ended in a c-section, luckily It's a very happy out come with this little girl. Susan is sired by our own Wellground Relentless and I am very much looking forward to seeing her fleece develop, very impressed so far :-)

Willow and Pebbles spending their days sleeping, I think it's hair cut time girls.

Well enough of hiding out of the sun, I'm off with the hose pipe and a bit of alpacas soaking. 

Sunday 21 July 2013

De'ja' Vu

Hello all

I"m so happy Karl and I have decided to spend a little more on our foundation heard, we have invested in Wellground Deja vu, A stunning female from the Wellground elite heard. She is sired by EP Cambridge Samson out of Wellground Commisario's Imprint.

She looks fantastic, stood beside her to the right is Wellgroud Summer Breeze.

 I'm so proud of Karl and I in what we have achieved and the stock we have, it's everything and more we have dreamed about, with fantastic females you just need a good stud and yes we have that to

Wellground Tchaikovsky, his 1st cria's are starting to hit the ground and wow they are looking good, just pop along to the Wellground Blog to see for your self Wellground Luther a male cria out of Eringa park Caramela, and from Robs words about him "wow he is looking very nice" big big smiles back here at Willowbank.

I've got lot's more to to tell you about but I will keep it for another day. 

Friday 19 July 2013

I'm Taking Over!!!

Hi All,

You will have to be patient with me, I'm taking over the blog from Karl. I'm slightly dyslexic so things may not always make sense. My lovely husband is working very hard and is not very good at letting go of the reins here, well me loose on a computer I'm good at crashing them.

With the weather been so hot, the alpacas have been enjoying playing in the water.

Wellground Cobalt is always first up to be soaked

Willowbank Polly enjoyed the water and the roll in the dust!!!

That's all for now, Donna my 1st attempt what do you think?