Sunday 28 July 2013

DIY Around The Farm.

Hello all

Karl and I have been busy doing jobs about the place, while all the alpacas are sleeping out we have been making improvements to the top barn, we were finding in the winter the wind and rain was going into the barn so we wanted to keep the air flow but just make it a little more protected for the alpacas.

Lily and I jet washed the barn out and painted the wall"s on the inside on Friday/Saturday. We now have all the wood work to paint up next then start on the bottom barn"s improvements and re paint.  we are getting their slowly and soon we will be ready for winter again. 

I found Lily rummaging through the Alpaca fleeces, it's nice that she is interested in what we do here at Willowbank, she is very much apart of the business and want's to help with all the animals etc. I have to say she can pick a good fleece out. (starting her young). 

That's all for tonight xx 


  1. You are sure to reap all the summer work, when the winter returns ....Lily is growing up fast ! Lovely to have extra helping hands round the place .....she has a big stack of fleece to choose from !! ... Jayne

  2. Barn's looking real good, you have been busy :)

  3. You guys have been busy. I was there only 14 days ago, it looked nothing like that. Impressive.