Tuesday 23 March 2010

Things You Can Do With A Shovel!!

Another busy day on the farm, the rain has held off again for us but I'm sure we are going to get it at some point.... I have give up with the digger and decided that I can do things quicker with a shovel.....just look at what you can do when you put your mind to it, I did this in about an hour!!
Only joking......couldn't resist the picture.

Any guesses what the hole's for? Lisa has a use for it but luckily I took the keys out the digger....I'm sure filling it in with me still in it crossed her mind.

The electric guys are coming in the morning, they have confirmed this and plan to pull the cable through on Thursday. I guess this is when it will rain, just as I get the trenches dug it will rain and fill them with water, never mind I'm sure putting electric cable in water is the norm!

This is how the banking is taking shape

This is an earlier picture of the banking

Most of the work that needs to involve me driving the digger over the grass is almost complete, so with the rain staying away for now, it has saved the land getting completely churned up, with a little rolling and grass seeding you will never know.

So lets see what tomorrow brings with the electric board being on seen. more photos too.


  1. Fantastic...you can come up here..if you're that handy with a shovel !.....hope it stays dry for you !.....Jayne

  2. He's quite handy with a wooden spoon too Jayne. That hole needs a seat on top of it Karl ;o))