Monday 22 March 2010

Rain Held Off For Us

Another day on the digger today and the new banks that we are creating are starting to take shape. We still have a long way to get them looking how we want them but that will come in time.

Once the new banks have been grass seeded and the grass grows the plan is that the new banks will just blend in to the background, well that's what happens in my head!!
Lily was feeling a little better today and decided that standing in the back of our car, would be the best position to view the farm from. Lisa took advantage of the soft ground and got the roller out, we have not got a tractor or quad at the moment so the car has to do the job, its not to much of a hassle and it gets the job done.

So with all the work going on around the farm its a fairly busy week to come, our guys from the electric company arrive on Wednesday to start installing the cable along the road side and into our farm, lets just hope they turn up.
Well with all the fresh air that we have been getting, it Finally took its toll on Lily the bear and as we got back home she couldn't hold on any longer and decided to nod off.

Yes those are rats that Lily is cuddled up with, She adores them and will not go anywhere without them, she has three altogether and heaven forbid we should ever loose one.
That's all for now, more picture still to come.

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