Saturday 13 March 2010

Not The Weekend We Wanted

Hi All

Well not much has been done on the farm, we had arranged to go and visit Rob & Les at Wellground Alpaca Stud today but unfortunately Lisa managed to put her back out quick badly on Thursday and is now currently on Strong pain killers which are helping slightly but Lisa is still in allot of pain. I am going to try and get some more fencing done this weekend and make the most of the peace and quite of Lisa being stuck at home!! only joking darling. The fencing is coming along and we can start to see what it will look like when its finished.

I have a fairly nice week coming up at work as I'm on an intensive firefighters training course in preparation for the runway that is being opened, myself and four others will be on standby every time a plane is due to land and have to meet the requirements set by the civil aviation authority, once I have passed this training and further training that is scheduled I would be allowed to work at any airport as a fully qualified airport firefighter, not that I intend to but its another bow to the belt as they say.

This next Friday my digger arrives, as the following week are electric supply is being installed, I have to dig the trenches on our side of the farm so that the electric guys can just lay the cable in the trench. I'm just hoping the weather stays dry so as not to cause to much of a mess.

That's all for now, but will update with pictures soon.


  1. Take care Lisa - you definitely need spoiling.

  2. Thanks Guys,
    I was just telling Lisa that she needs to be brave and get on with it, now she will want spoiling evenmore! Only joking she deserve every bit of spoiling.