Sunday 14 March 2010

Stranger In The Barn

This morning I had a bit of a fright, I was down the farm early this morning loading hay into Jim's van, Jim is a guy we sell our hay too, he has a local feed store just a few miles from us. Anyway I crabbed a bale and suddenly out the corner of my eye something black darted off the bales and vanished, I picked the bale up that I had just dropped and after Jim had stopped laughing, I asked him what do you think that was? He replies "Not sure but it was black and fast" We continued to load his van even if we were both eagle eyed looking for the black thing!

Jim left and I let the horse and pony out in the paddocks, I was still unsure what this black thing was in the barn and then as I headed back to the barn, it was looking straight at me, we both stopped dead in our tracks wondering who was going to make the next move, it was almost like being a stranger walking into a country and western saloon, the piano has stopped playing everyone has turned round looking at the stranger, OK I might be getting carried away now, but here is the the black thing that was looking at me.........

Just poking its head over the top of the post

I'm not sure where the cat has come from, in fact its only a kitten, we are more than happy for it to stay on the farm as it will help with the keeping the mice down, that's if it stops......we have decided to call it "Little Puss"
Lisa has managed to come down the farm today and assist me slightly with the fencing, whoever She is taking things steady as not to over do it, I think the pain killers are well in Lisa system now which is helping.
Well that's all for now, back soon.

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  1. Lucky...Black ...Cat...hope he/she..stays with you...on security duty of course !!....Jayne