Sunday 21 March 2010

Still No Donkeys Rob!!

If you have any questions about the title, Rob at Wellground Alpacas will be pleased to help....

Well its been a fantastic day weather wise today and we have managed to get some more earth moved around the farm. You may ask why we are moving all this earth around, all will come apparent in the future, the reason we have all the earth is that when we built our barns, to get the correct levels we had to dig out a far bit of land as there was a 2.5mtr fall across the distance we wanted to erect the barns in, hence all this earth.

Now considering it rained on and off all day yesterday, we are not actually in that bad of a state. We are going to level the new banks out and grass seed so the finished banks will blend in with the surroundings.

We have moved some banking from the entrance to our farm to allow better access, we always struggle to get large vehicles into the farm so with some of the banking removed this should help.

Little Lily Bear has not been feeling that good over the last few days and was not impressed when I took her photo, she really enjoys being on the farm but you would never have guessed it.

I have just seen the weather forecast on Country File and it looks like today may well have been the best day, rain is on its way!!

More photos to come soon.

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  1. Clearly the 'Earth Moved for You'... ;o))

    No Donkeys in sight, but you have made a mess. You mucky pup!

    Boys and their toys eh!