Sunday 7 March 2010

New Addition

Hi Folks,

Well its been a very hectic couple of weeks for me, my full time job has really kicked in now and I have been forced to do so some crazy hours, which unfortunately means the blog had to go on hold for a short while.

I have had chance though to finally select my new arrival to the family, everyone meet "Otto"

"Otto" is a pure bred German Shepherd, she is only 3 weeks old in this picture, so I have got to wait a few more weeks yet before she finally comes to live with us. "Otto" will be trained when old enough to the same standards as a police dog, as some of you may already know, I used to be in the police and spent some time assigned to the dog unit and enjoyed it thoroughly, this is also a fantastic way to keep "Otto" mentally fit as well as physically fit.

Lily & Otto

We have managed to get some more fencing done this morning, so that's ticking along nicely, if not a little slowly, but my hours should return to some kind of normality soon, so it will be action stations again, with the evening staying lighter I will have no excuse not to start fencing after work.

That's all for now back soon.

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  1. What a lovely new puppy..Im sure Otto will be a fantastic....member of your family....Jayne