Thursday 1 April 2010

Furry Land Shark!

Hi Folks
Well it was back to work this week for me after my week off. Things have been really hectic trying to catch up on a back log of jobs.

So then, let me explain the title of this blog for those of you that might not be aware, "Furry land shark" is what when I was in the police, we called the police dog, if we were chasing a criminal we would always ask for the police dog to come to the area to help locate are offender, it was always interesting to try and watch the offender out run the police dog, watching the dog hunt down the pray like a shark earned its name of "Furry land Shark".

So here is my new addition to the family, my very own "Furry land shark" finally comes home to live with us.

Otto is a long haired German Shepherd, she is pictured here at nearly 7 wks old. Those of you that may know that puppies don't normally get released until 8 wks old, maybe concerned but rest assured, Otto and her brothers and sister were rejected by there mum, so they all had to be hand reared, therefore she does not know any different.

That's all for now, Happy Easter All.

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  1. I like your Furry Land Shark !...they have earned their title well....I have seen the first hand results..also..!! of others at the wrong end of these...on Patrol !....Otto is a real sweetie, at the moment...and no doubt she will grow up to be a Magnificient...Furry Land Shark.!!......Jayne