Monday 5 April 2010

No Rest Over Easter!

Happy Easter Folks,
Now just because it's Easter didn't mean that we would get a rest, in fact the total opposite. We have been busy installing 8" square gate posts into the ground, which doesn't sound that bad but when we are trying to dig them in by hand through the existing drive way and through clay it became a long job.

We have also nearly completed the race, which in turn will give us two usable paddocks of good size. We intend on dividing the rest of the ground up as and when we need it, this giving us a bit of a rest on the fencing.

You might be wondering where the pictures are.......well the truth is we forgot to take some, I want to wait until I have completed some more of the fencing around the yard, so you can see the difference that it has made.

Well that's all for now, with the nights drawing out though we will be doing more work into the evenings just to try and get in front a little bit more.

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