Sunday 29 November 2009

Lily's First Visit To See Santa

Afternoon All,

Well after an exciting day yesterday for myself and Lisa, we thought it was only fair to do something with Lily today. We had spoken with Lisa's brother yesterday, who was taking his son Riley to see Santa at our local garden centre, we arrange to meet them so that Lily had someone to go in with, as Lily gets very shy.

Santa, Riley, Lisa & Lily

Lily was having none of it, sitting next to Santa and Riley is to much, mum to the rescue. Lily did manage a wave on the way out though, bless her. With her present in hand and a lolly pop later Lily was quite happy to stand next to a fake Santa.

Well almost next to it!

After our trip to see Santa it was time for log cutting for our log burner, as stocks are starting to run low at home its about time I cut some more, 3 wheel barrows later, that will do for today. Time to also cut back the willow on the bank hence the name WillowBank Alpacas this also gives me some more cuttings to plant along our boundary line, this willow is the fast growing variety and grows around 9 to 10 foot a year and makes excellent screens and wind breakers.

Well that's all for now, back soon.

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