Saturday 28 November 2009

What A Wonderful Day At Wellground

Hi All,

What a wonderful day we have had, we have finally managed to visit Wellground Alpaca Stud again in Whiltshire, after several further attempts being postponed due to snow earlier in the year, to rob having his accident we have just not had the opportunity to make it any earlier.

We were greeted with a surprised look from Rob after I had forgot to put in my email our arrival time, all was OK though as Rob left Les to finish cleaning out the Alpacas whilst we went in doors for a coffee, a bit chilly this morning for Kenco on the decking but never the less Kenco in the kitchen went down well. Les joined us and gave us a lovely gift for Christmas which prompted me to fetch her Christmas gift from Rob, one of my hand carved Rocking Horses. I set this up for them in the living area and I must admit it did look fantastic in the log cabin, I hope you have many a happy day looking at "Emily"

It was time for a look at the Alpacas, we hadn't made it through the first barn as we were greeted by the lovely sounds from Wellground First Lady and Wellground Cyan, Lisa had that look in her eye as she couldn't stop looking at Wellground Cyan, Lisa is still going on about Cyan now. These two weanling's have absolutely fantastic fleeces and will of course be a credit to Rob & Les with the dedication they put into creating elite stock.

We moved on and had a quick look at the new barn, I spy the quad bike, I wonder if......yes Rob lets me have a sit on the new quad, I'm half way there to getting a go on it!! damn no key in the ignition, not to worry.

Taking a walk down the raceway with the Alpacas and Cria, we had another chance to quiz Rob & Les on so many questions that we have, of course Rob & Les always give you an honest answer. These Elite Alpacas are second to none and always look so healthy and bright eyed

Heading back up the paddocks, I here Rob mention the quad bike and fetching the key....maybe my time has come? Rob strides off and then, the sound of an engine coming from the barn, my petrol head has kicked in and its straight to the quad, I have a quick run up the road, turn round and head back. Lily's turn, Lisa passes Lily to me and we are both off, with Lily sitting on the petrol tank we head off down the back track, now Lily is a bit of a speed freak like her dad, we take it steady to start off with, on mother's orders, but as we head back I give the quad bike a bit more throttle and above the engine noise I can here Lily giggling, she does like to go fast......that's my girl.

Time for a bit of lunch that Les had created for us, thank you Les it was lovely. A bit more Alpaca chat, more questions answered, then unfortunately it was time to leave as it takes us just under 3 hrs to get back and we had animals to feed.

We just want to say thank you so much to both Rob & Lesley for all the help and advice that they have given us over the last two years. I'm sure they know this is just the start of it!

Take care all,

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  1. Hi guys, it was a real pleasure to see you again. Emily is superb, you are one clever bloke Karl. Les can't stop looking at her.

    Glad you enjoyed the day, you know you are welcome any time. Cyan sends her love to Lisa ;o))

    Hope to see you again soon, maybe in the Evo at Bedford ;o)) Bring it on......