Saturday 7 November 2009

Muddy Gates!

Hi All,

Today we have had to go and complete paperwork for a rental property that we are looking to move into on a temporary basis.
We are so lucky to have some fantastic friends that are also willing to take a risk on us, Lisa's friend Lynn owns the property that we are looking to rent, which is all good, but they have just turned down rental on this property with 6 months rent up front, to wait for us to get the house sold, so that we can move in. How fantastic is Lynn to take this gamble with us.....Thank you so much Lynn.

We have been down the farm this morning also, I cant believe that already our gates into the paddocks are already churned up by the horse and pony we have. I do intend to put hard standing down in the future to stop this happening, but I say this every year or every time we have allot of rain, I just don't like to see the land turning into a ploughed field!! little things to some folk but it does bug me sometimes.

Take care all.

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  1. It doesn't take long for the wet weather to really foul up the paddocks! See you soon.

    Best regards

    Jeff & Sheila