Saturday 21 November 2009

Sheep Wrestling

Hi All,

Today the rain held off as our good friends Jeff & Sheila from came to visit, they came with gifts of a dozen eggs freshly laid, I will have some of those for snack tonight. We all had a cup of coffee and a chat, then it was down the farm for thoughts of our new adventure.

Sheep wrestling springs to mind as Jeff helped me catch our final few sheep for tagging and feet trims, Jeff nearly went over, but was saved with his knee, he regained his balance, oh how I would have laughed if he had fell over, in a nice way Jeff.

We took a walk around the farm and discussed various options for fencing the paddocks, of course the ladies had to steel both Jeff and myself thoughts on this, we continued around the land with Jeff having to pull our daughter Lily along on a sledge, she finds it to much like hard work to make it all the way around, she is only two, so I guess we will have to let her off.

It was then time to have a look around the barns before returning back to the house for a bite to eat, another coffee and some alpaca chat then unfortunately it was time for Jeff & Sheila to return home, it takes around two hours for them to get back and as they had left Gemma holding the fort, it was understandable that they headed off.

Jeff & Sheila are such an inspiration to us, myself and Lisa both feel that we have made some very good friends.

Thank you for a fantastic day, you are both more than welcome anytime, to come and visit.

That's all for now.

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  1. Thank you both for a great day. Your farm is a real treat and we are sure that you are looking forward to seeing the new paddocks occupied with Alpacas soon!