Sunday 1 November 2009

Still Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Well the house sale still seems to be going OK, the SOLD sign has now appeared outside which has got tongues wagging in the village.

We are still on edge thinking something is bound to go wrong, we are trying to think positive and have even been a viewed a property today that we are looking to rent when the house sells.

We have so much that we want to get on with, but at least this gives us time now to really think about how we want to set are farm out.

Oh does anyone want a hand carved rocking horse that I also make for a hobby, this one has to go before Christmas or before we move house as we will just not have the room for it. I am looking for £900 for this one. I normally sell them for £1200 they make fantastic heirlooms or even just a piece of furniture in the home, I'm also looking into making hand carved alpaca soon.

1 comment:

  1. Karl,

    I'd like to buy the Rocking Horse for Les for Christmas. She has always wanted one since she was a kid. We saw the pictures you sent us when you were making it. Ring me and let's do a bit of haggling ;o))