Wednesday 18 November 2009

Contract Signing

Hi All,

My obsession with muddy gateways is still going strong, with the bad weather over the last few days not helping and more bad weather to come, Lisa has been out and brought me some new wellies, she is a good wife to me, although she could have shovelled stone in the gateways rather than wasting time and money buying me new wellies, only joking darling.

I am taking next Tuesday off from work to take our last few sheep to market, sheep are making good money at the moment, so we would be daft to miss out on this. We are also going to sign our contracts for our house, so that everything is in place ready to exchange when the time comes.

We are expecting a visit this Saturday from Jeff & Sheila at Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud, this is a long time coming this and we are excited to show them our farm and imagine its future. Bring your wellies guys!!

That's it for now


  1. Wellies are in the boot (do you like the pun?) ready to go! Look forward to seeing you all.

    Jeff & Sheila

  2. I wouldn't expect anything less from you!

    The sheep are waiting for your arrival, I can hear them talking about how they are going to laugh when you try and catch them!