Wednesday 9 December 2009

Its Looking Good

Hi Folks,

Things are starting to look good. Hopefully we will be moving out of our house on the 18th December, into our rented accommodation, before we start our journey into Alpaca Breeding.

We have been so stressed since our house sold, worrying if it will all go through OK, just waiting for the call to say they have pulled out.

Moving before Christmas is giving us time to enjoy the festive season and New Year with our daughter, who will understand what its all about this year, before the next part of our lives start to unfold.

Bring on 2010 I say and hello to the birth of WillowBank Alpaca Stud.

Hope your all coping with the wet weather.

Take care.


  1. Our thoughts are with you during this "testing" time!

  2. Thank you both for your kind words. We will keep you posted.