Sunday 25 July 2010

There's A Ram In The Kitchen What Am I Going To Do...

Hi Folks,

We have been busy all weekend with one thing and another. Saturday we had a farm sitter while we popped to see Mark and Linda Wealthall who own Oak Tree Farm in Normanton-on-Trent, Newark. Mark and Linda breed Saddle Back pigs, Middle White pigs and Ryeland Sheep. It was the Ryeland sheep that we had gone to look at. Mark had a hand reared ram that was four months old and obviously easy to handle.....ideal we think.......

Some Of Mark's Saddle Backs
Mark gave us a fantastic tour of his farm and he was a very knowledgeable guy with lots contagious enthusiasm, all his animals looked so healthy, they did you proud Mark.

This is Bertie the Ram.

Bertie was exactly what Mark had explained to us and Lily our daughter was taken straight away. We loaded Bertie into the trailer and set off back to the farm, Bertie was soon finding his feet he and Lily are inseparable. We got on with some of our jobs when we noticed that Bertie and Lily had disappeared........I wonder what they are up to.......found them.

A cheeky smile from Lily seems to make everything alright.......Bertie was then shown the door and went of to eat grass.......the idea of a really tame Ram could turn out to be a problem with Lily as she will get them both into mischief......never mind at least they are happy.

Well that's all for tonight, back soon


  1. What a lovely photo...both very cute but Lily still wins hands down!

  2. !!...Remember these days...far better it be a pet Ram...than the boyfriend...!!!!!....These days are to Lily will no doubt grow up, all too quickly !!.......Jayne