Tuesday 6 July 2010

Another Early Cria......

Hi Guys,

Its been a fascinating few days since I last blogged with one thing and another happening. I have been and fetched our new livestock trailer today from Lancaster, well it turned out to be nearer to Kendal by the time I found the place, it was a welcome stop when I got there as it took me 5 hours to get there with the traffic hold ups and that was without the trailer.....

On the way home I received a call from Lisa who was back on the farm looking after things informing me that another one of our girls was giving birth, this time one of our maiden girls.......after a short while out popped a Solid White little boy, Lisa again had to get involved and help out with the clearing of the airways and all the routine checks.

Our little fella who we don't have a name for yet, decided to join the world 15 days early. He is fathered by Wellground Killawasi's Keepsake his grand sire is Cambridge Cajamarca of Blenhiem and his great grand sire bloodlines come from NWA Ltd Ruffo. So we are quite interested to see what this little fella starts to grow in to.

We have decided to bring the little fella in tonight as its been trying to rain, he is not quite as strong as Coco our first cria and giving that we have the facilities to bring him in we thought why not.

Well that's all for tonight. Back soon.


  1. He looks like a proper bit of quality, nice result.


  2. A very promising start to your new venture. Well done Lisa, excellent midwifery skills