Monday 28 June 2010

The Update Arrives

Here is the new updated blog from the earlier one posted today. It has been a fantastic start to the week here at WillowBank Alpacas, this morning saw the arrival of our first Cria for 2010 at 16 days early. Lisa was on hand and stepped in to clear the airways and a quick examination of the Cria revealed that we have been given a very dark brown little boy.

We have decided to call him WillowBank Coco he was soon up on his feet after a little stumble and mum was on stand by with the first feed.

WillowBank Coco feeding from Mum

Its hard to describe what it feels like to finally have are own Cria born on our farm, this whole business started so long ago and to now finally have are Alpacas on our farm with are own Cria's being born feels like we have climbed a massive hurdle to get to this stage in our lives.

Our daughter Lily is so at home here and has become a completely different person since we moved onto the farm, she has come out of her shell in leaps and bounds and insists on taking visitors to the farm on a full guided tour, stopping to give her favourite Alpaca a kiss.....

Lily and Gieves
We hope this new arrival is the start of good things to come for us and our journey into the Alpaca world has begun......
That's all for tonight, as I have been for my MRI scan this evening and its had strange effects on me, its left me aching and a little unwell.
Back soon with more photo's and updates on Coco progress.


  1. have your first and will always remember your first...cria...something special and what a wonderful milestone for you. Beautiful photos..and I hope that you are soon feeling fit enough to enjoy all the new summer arrivals........Jayne

  2. Love Coco, Lilly and Gieves are gorgeous together, great photo.

    Good to talk again earlier tonight.


  3. Congratulations...lovely photos!

  4. Congratulations on your first cria.