Thursday 10 June 2010

Hidden In The Wall

Hi Folks,

Well the weather has certainly took a turn, we had an absolute torrential down poor here Wednesday which lasted for about 20 minutes, resulting in Lisa having to get our pump out to try and help control the torrents of water that came down our yard and overloading our drains, within minutes Lisa was in up to her ankles in water. Lisa called me at work trying to explain what she was faced with and the noise in the background coming from the rain was unbelievable, anyway all was well, the rain stopped, the pump was turned off and normality was resumed.....thankfully.

Needless to say the alpacas came in that night to help them dry off and to get them off a now very sodden paddock, I must say,they all looked very content in the barn when I arrived home from work.

For a while now we have had a bird taking bits of food into the hollows in the block work of our barn, feeding her young, I have been desperate to try and get a photo but I have been very conscious not to disturb them, however I manged to climb my ladder armed with a camera and grab a quick shot of the new chicks, they cant be far away from leaving the nest so it looks like I may have timed it just right.

I'm sure it must only be days before these have flown the nest, to be honest I thought it was a little late for them to be still in the nest.

All the alpacas are doing just great, we are really starting to get to know them now, I need to get some more picture of them soon. Our chickens are laying well with approximately 7 eggs a day at the moment but this should increase soon as the other chickens mature.

Well that's all for tonight, back soon with an update on the chicks.

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  1. your lovely little chicks......Jayne