Saturday 12 June 2010

Halter Training

Hi Folks,

Well the sun is shining and I have a weekend off from work, although that was spoilt at about 04.30 this morning as I was woken with severe chest pains, well I say chest it feels like someone is giving you the biggest bear hug in the world and your ribs are about to implode, I have been getting this for about 2 months now but only when I sleep, as soon as I'm awake and up and about it goes away. However this morning was different the pain was taking my breathe away, Lisa was straight on the phone to NHS Direct who then advised we call 999 for an ambulance, after a chat with a doctor over the phone they decided that what I was describing was not life threatening enough for an ambulance but would require me to see my doctor Monday as this is obviously not normal and sounds like intramuscular problems. Anyway that's enough of my problems.

We decided today to start our halter training of our male "Gieves" he is such a lovely boy and seems really nice natured and relaxed, we waited until Lily went for her afternoon nap as we were unsure what might happen. Lily was upset when we had the alpacas shorn because some of them screamed a little and I think she just didn't understand. Well we slid the halter onto Gieves head and would you believe it he stood there like a true gentleman, as if it was all second nature to him.....well done Gieves you did us proud.

Lisa & Gieves 30secs after being put on the halter.
I'm sure this is just beginners look, he did play a little stubborn and not want to walk at one stage, but with a little push on his bum he was away again, I'm sure tomorrow will be a different story!

3 of our pregnant girls in our birthing paddock relaxing in the sun.

Well that's all for know, back with more photo's soon.

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  1. Its lovely to get ..hands on ! with your animals..I hope you feel better soon !..have you strained your back !..sounds strange..but that affects your ribs and breathing !....fencing..maybe !!....Jayne