Saturday 10 July 2010

Third New Arrival....

Hi Guys,

Well again we have another cria born here at WillowBank, still no rest for Lisa as straight away Lisa noticed a problem with the birthing........ you can't really see from the picture but we have the head and one leg but the other leg is tucked back, I would like to add that Lisa's mum took the photos and Lisa was just out of shot scrubbing up to start lending a hand at no point was any animal under any unnecessary stress.....anyway Lisa decided that with the cria being presented this way it was time to give a helping hand and ease the other leg into position.

Soon after it was a again quite apparent that this maiden was not going to deliver her cria on her own, Lisa was soon back with a little helping hand and the little boy came out. A bit of a rub down to stimulate him and a check of the airways.
It was easy to see why this boy was not coming out so easy, he is a right little bruiser although he is still 9 days early. He was up running and feeding within the hour and is a real strong chap.
He was so desperate to get up off the ground, that it was quite a challenge dipping the navel with iodine hence it went everywhere and we now have our own multi coloured alpaca, mum was keen to get in on the iodine trick and ended up with it down her foot.......

This fine fellows sire is another Wellground Killawasi's Keepsake baby with his grand sire from his mothers side being Cambridge Ice Cool Lad so it will be interesting to see what traits have been passed on.

Mum and son having an intimate moment with the iodine patches quite noticeable......

Well that all for tonight as I'm trying to finish our website.


  1. Congratulations...on your lovely new arrival ! He looks a big bouncing boy ! Glad you were there to lend a helping hand....and all went well.....Jayne

  2. He looks a cracker too guys. Well done.