Sunday 11 July 2010

Catch Up Time

Hi Folks,

Lisa's dad farm sat for us this morning whilst we went and had a look at some sheep we might be buying, we are thinking of getting some Ryeland, Lily was enjoying herself leading one of the rams around on a head collar. It was only a short visit as we wanted to get back and catch up on some jobs around the farm.
We had to make a few alterations to our chicken shed today so that it made it a bit easier to see the eggs in the nest boxes. We have also started incubating our own eggs and have started the count down to hatching day....... 20 days to go.......

We will keep you updated on the progress of hatching when its closer the time and you can see things happening. I have also had some time today to make a start on a new woodworking project, Lisa managed to get a sneaky as Rolf Harris would say "can you guess what it is yet"

All the alpacas and the new cria's are all doing well, enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, its forecast rain possibly over night and into the early hours of the morning....although we could do with some rain to help the grass along.

My furry land shark is growing and become a big girl, she is almost 4 months old now and has really settled in to her new surroundings. her training is coming on well and she is getting used to hanging off my arm......just in case you are wondering I'm training her in the discipline of Schutzhund.

Well that's all for tonight, back soon.


  1. Funny you should be hatching eggs !!...I've got some in the same incubator at 18 days..!!so should be around the same time as you !!.....Jayne


    is the web address for the people making rocking sheep, have a look you might get extra ideas for the alternative rocking horses. I was talking to Lisa about it earlier today.