Sunday 8 August 2010

Hectic Couple Of Weeks

Hi Folk,

It's been a hectic couple of weeks here at WillowBank. We have been busy with more fencing which seems to be turning into an epic of a job as the ground is like concrete at the moment and trying to knock posts into the ground by hand is mission impossible, so little and often is the way forward at the moment.

We have some exciting things happening here, but unfortunately we are unable to comment about them at the moment as we have not asked permission yet from who it involves, so more on this later.

We have been busy with injections throughout our herd, toe nail trimming and removing a face full of spit which I didn't manage to dodge.......much to Lisa's amusement.

A trip to Lincoln fetched Bertie the rams girlfriends, they are now grazing are rented land, Bertie will go and join them around October so he can go and work his magic.

Some of our Ryeland Sheep
Our cria are growing really well and we are really pleased with the fleece on one of them, we have taken a photo but I'm told by another breeder that it is near on impossible to get the crimp across in a picture, well we tried but I don't think succeeded

WillowBank Killawasi's Spirit Fleece

WillowBank Killawasi's Spirit is from the "Ruffo" bloodlines and although the picture doesn't do it justice the real thing does, well we are happy anyway.........

Well that's all for now, back soon.


  1. Ruffo, did some fabulous things in Australia, and we had a kawaski mating to a female we sent to Uk, and sold to belgium, who won all her classes, so i hope you have the same success

  2. Raelene, Thank you for your lovely comment, it makes us evenmore excited to the prospects of our boy.