Sunday 22 August 2010

Duck Eggs

Hi Guys

Again we just seem to have no time spare to keep up with our blog, we have been constantly on the phone arranging various different things the last few weeks which will all become apparent sorry Jayne its still a big secret with whats happening.

Lily has a chicken which has gone broody so her Grandma has given her a couple of fertile duck eggs to put under, Lily was keen to get them put under her chicken and set straight to it.

Lily with her duck eggs.

Lily has put the eggs under her chicken and was very excited that the chicken went and sat straight on them.....lets just hope they hatch now and hopefully not with a identity complex!!
Lisa has managed to get a picture of some of the gang here at WillowBank. We are due to start mating over the next few days and in fact started today. We have had Roger and Pauline here today from Pipley Court Alpaca Stud, they brought us our two remaining alpacas that we had brought from them along with Killawasi's Keepsake to do some of our matings, It was good to catch up with Roger and Pauline and we had plenty of chat regarding alpacas and even a look at our new cria's for this year. We then set Keepsake to work with a spit off and a mating, we let him have a rest as the temperature was starting to creep up, so that gave us time for a something to eat and drink and more alpaca and putting the world to right chat.
Some of the gang
A few weeks ago we had to have an emergency C Section on one of our females as she had a severe uterine torsion and the vet couldn't even get anywhere near to touching the unborn cria, we tried several times to roll the mother around to try and correct our problem but she was not having none of it and we decided enough enough lets get on with the C Section. I'm pleased to sat that "Anita" has now returned to the paddock and is looking allot better after her set back.

Well I'm back on the early shift for the next few weeks so that all for tonight, but exciting news is soon to come so keep watching this space.........stick with it Jayne


  1. I hope Lily has bettr luck with her eggs, my broody hen who adopted duck eggs a little while ago got bored of sitting three days before they were due to hatch!

    Anita is looking like she's made a great recovery following her c section.

  2. I have my own..ideas !!...I'll just wait to see. If Im right...I have been told Im a bit of a white witch !!!....Anita is looking great after her operation....look forward to seeing the little ducklings !!.......Jayne

  3. Great pictures folks.

    Thanks for the offer of some tuition in the car Karl. I was just chuffed to be able to pass and hold off the Caterham, it was the R500. I was on the ragged edge a bit there.

    See you soon.