Sunday 15 August 2010

Exciting Times

Hi Folks

Its been a really exciting week with lots of new things about to happen here......this is a bit of a teasing blog as we are unable to say whats happening yet as we have not asked permission from all involved, but lets just say its big this space over the next few days for the big news to be revealed.

Lisa has been out this evening with the camera taking a couple of pictures, this is "Wellground Beyond Compare" her Sire is "EP Cambridge Commish Lad" and her G/Sire is "Jolimont Commisario" she has been mated to "Wellground Close Encounter" and due on the 4th September. We are very excited about this birth and can't wait to see what we are given.

Wellground Beyond Compare

Are new cria's just seem to be glued together, they run riot around the paddocks with there mums looking on......I wonder what they must be thinking as they watch the cria run around?

Well that's about it for now as we still have lots to do before it gets dark, so keep watching this space for the exciting news from WillowBank Alpaca Stud.


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has been out with the camera, those three cria look like they are looking for mischief.

    Looks like we are all playing tease at the minute, it must be in the air!

  2. Now..come on !! Both of you...Stop it !! we need to know !! its not fair !! Lovely pictures...the babies sure look gorgeous !!....Jayne