Sunday 16 January 2011

A Visit From Down South....

Hi Folks,

Well what a hectic day we have had, after recovering from being a wee bit poorly over the last few days it was time to throw ourselves back into it. Well we certainly did that to day, we were both up before it was light this morning, Lisa was mucking out and I was moving stone down into the race.

Before we knew it Naomi our work experience had arrived and was not shy about getting stuck in with the jobs that need doing around the farm, Naomi is very keen to help regardless of what jobs need doing, good or bad.

Our next visitor arrived well ahead of schedule, Rob from Wellground Alpacas arrived in Les's Merc. We had to get the Fire Extinguishers out to put the flames out from the brake discs they were glowing bright orange, If I was you Les, I would give Rob "Kuby One" back and you keep your Merc safe and sound. Only joking Les the brakes are fine, its just the scratch on the door you need to look at.....joking again Les.

Anyway back to the reason why Rob was here, we had invited him to come and have a day out with us and have a look over our 2010 cria, I think I can say Rob was impressed with some of our cria's which is always nice to hear from someone who continuously produces excellent alpacas themselves.

I had asked Rob if he didn't mind bringing his scanning equipment with him, which he did and all is looking good for our females this year, we are very pleased with the results and are really looking forwards to this years births, which start arriving next months fingers-crossed.

A picture of one of the scan's, not the best picture in the world.

We took a wonder down to see Relentless our stud male who we brought from Wellground, he really is turning out to be stunning stud. Rob was keen to try and buy him back from us as I think he is a little sorry he sold him, unfortunately Rob he is not for sale, however he will be coming up for matings this year, so to the right breeders subject to bio-security investigation he will be available. So if you would like me to put your name down Rob just let me know!!

After all the cria and stud chat it was time to head indoors for coffee and something to eat, this also gave me the opportunity to show Rob something different we are looking at doing here at WillowBank, I think Rob could see the bigger plan that we are trying to achieve and with a bit of assistance from Rob with some knowledge this new project could be one to watch, more on this project later, remember Rob, mum's the know what Jayne's like at Zanzibah Alpacas she will hate the secrecy!!

Well that all for now folks but keep watching this space for the new project announcement.


  1. I think she believes you about the brakes....

    Now you are in it deep Mister ;o))


  2. I shall have to get my crystal ball out and have a look at what's going on down there !!...sounds exciting and you do like to keep the mystery going ....but all will be revealed good time....its getting exciting with those babies....starting to arrive soon.......looking forward to the pictures already...and Rob...really must try to be a Sunday driver...! one day of the week.........Jayne