Saturday 8 January 2011

Back To The Grind Stone.

Hi Folks,

Well that's the first week back at work out the way.....although it was only a four day week, I'm glad the weekend is here. We have so much to do around the farm and with the snow over the Christmas period the job list just grew and grew.

We have started moving more stone down the race as it has now turned completely into a mud swamp, which was one of the reasons for Lisa's accident. We always intended on putting stone down, but time always got the better of us, mind you, after about ten barrow loads moved, it was eating to much over Christmas that was getting the better of me!

All the alpacas have been wormed again this week and we are due to give our vitamin injections to the cria, so that's another job for this weekend.

Today we have had a visit from a young lady who is studying to become a vet. Naomi called us at the beginning of the week to see if she would be able to come and have some work experience on the farm around the alpacas. Well today Naomi called in with her mum to have a look around and to discuss her work experience with us here, we couldn't resist in not bringing our stud male Relentless in for a hands on experience for Naomi, Relentless was a true gentleman and stood perfectly while we examined his fleece, Naomi's mum could not believe how bright his fleece was when we opened it. We have arranged with Naomi to come on Sundays to help out on the farm and allow her to gain experience around these fascinating animals, We are sure you will not be disappointed Naomi.

Here is Relentless checking out his ladies in another paddock, I cant wait until the grass is that green feel so long ago.

Well that's all for now as I have some new saw blades arrived from America and I'm desperate to go and try them out on my scroll saw that I had for's a man thing!


  1. No more accidents.....!!!!!!!!!!! Its a safety thing !!!! Relentless looks very handsome !.....bring on the Spring......Jayne