Saturday 22 January 2011

A Cracking Start...

Hi Folks,

Well another week ends and what a busy week it has been. Unfortunately we can't reveal why it has been so busy for us at this moment in time, as it's a little bit of a secret at the moment but all will be revealed soon, lets just say it brings a new light to alpacas.....

We woke this morning to find that one of the chicken eggs that we are incubating has signs of hatching. We have 3 eggs that are in the incubator that we are sure have live chicks inside, I took a picture this morning of the first cracking.

We had been outside doing the daily jobs and came in for a cuppa at around 11 and noticed that the second egg had also started cracking, it's getting all very exciting waiting for these chicks to arrive. Lily is convinced that these are going to be duck's that hatch, as we put a duck egg under a chicken a few month's ago which hatched. Nothing like confusing a child.......

Well this evening we are pleased to say that the third egg has also started and the first and second eggs are really starting to progress. We are hoping that when Lily wakes in the morning that we might have a chick out of it's shell.

You can clearly see the heads on these two and Lily is really excited that she can now see what's inside the eggs, you can hear them chirping and Lily keeps a very watchful eye on them.
Naomi, are work experience student is here again tomorrow to help us out around the farm, I'm sure she will be just as excited about the chicks hatching, just as we are.
Well that's all for now, I have more secret projects to sort out!!


  1. How sweet are they going to be - want one; please!

  2. chick are fantastic....I can't wait for more the way....most of my snow has gone....Id just used a photo...of a couple of weeks ago....I'll be getting done over the trades description act !!..soon...sorry.....and Whats this secret..project....about..come on.....!!!!!!!..this is not fare........Jayne