Sunday 23 January 2011

The Chicks Are Here....

Hi Folks,

Well the chicks have arrived. One arrived at about 11pm last night and the second arrived at around 5am this morning followed by the third with a little help at around 9am this morning.

I was trying to put a video on the blog of the 1st chick hatching out, but it seemed to take for ever to try and upload it so I canceled that thought, if I can work out how to shorten the video with some software I will have another go at posting it on the blog. In the meantime here is a picture of two of the chicks. I think Lisa wants to call them "Chip & Pin"

Naomi our work experience girl came again today as she will do every Sunday for as long as she wants to. We had lots planned as it was also that time again to Lambivac, toe nail trim and Vitamin inject the alpacas, so we had plenty to be getting on with. I can finally announce that Naomi has had her first true welcoming from the alpacas as she was introduced to a full blown head covering of spit.....although I don't think it was anything personnel as we all seemed to get spat at today....I blame it on the hormones.

So with all the alpacas completed Lisa and Naomi set about mucking out the barn while I sorted out my workshop, as it seems to have turned into a dumping ground, It has been one of those jobs that has been put off every weekend but finally today It has been sorted out.

Well with another weekend over it's back to work tomorrow and Lisa is left to take care of the farm by herself, she's a good wife really.

On a final note, I have just been reading Rob's blog from "Wellground" and it seems all system go with the GWR 2011 Show, set to take place on the 1st October. Hope to see many of you there.

Take care folks.


  1. Chicks !!!!!

    They're not chicks or ducklings.

    Have you never seen a Donkey hatched before Karl ????


  2. You are obviously far more experianced than I will ever be at hatching Donkeys, it must be somthing in the water down south.

    After all it's you that has just brought a Mule as a new toy to play on....but I guess you will say it's a Kubota's ok Rob you can come clean.


  3. I think I will be re-naming the RTV, the Wellground Donkey. After all I saw it being hatched, I did honest ;o))


  4. Haha....I like the banter....the chicks are fantastic....did you know that chickens are little dinasors......!! so you now have a little dinasor farm....and Rob enjoy your Mule...and mind the kick !!....Jayne

  5. Jayne has spotted our rather bizarre sense of humour Karl. Banter indeed. Probably the three of us have a common link of previous employers he he