Tuesday 30 November 2010

We Have Water......

Hi Guys,

Well again we managed to dodge any major snow fall, although we are not out the woods yet, according to the Met Office we are still classed as "be prepared"

The horse manure has worked it's magic and we now have running water again. How excited can one person get knowing that the toilet will flush without having to fill the tank with water from a tub, little luxuries that we all take for granted until you haven't got it.

Yesterday's blog was telling you that Lily had got a new pet brought for her by her great grandma, well some interesting guesses were noted like "Lurky Turkey" well I did say that you might be disappointed and Rob you were nearly right with the big ears......have you guessed....

It's a rabbit.....Lily has decided to call her "Rabbit" after a little discussion that it needed to have a better name than that, Lily decided on "Rabbit Rabbit" I don't think she understood what we meant, we finally managed to get her to agree on "Rabbit Pebbles" the only thing now is that when the rabbit sits on her lap Lily likes to look through the rabbits fur checking for crimp!

I was having a look through some pictures and came across this one of Lily a bit excited about a cake.

She is a real cheeky monkey, but we love her to bits.
The alpacas are all snug in the barns now during the nights and have plenty of bedding to keep them warm during this cold weather, keeping there water from freezing is another story, but I won't go into frozen water as we are both on a high still for having running water again.
Back soon, take care in this cold weather.


  1. Don't let Lily hear you say that about her little rabbit Rob, she won't be happy:)

  2. Lilly, darling. It will grow very quickly, far quicker than a wabbit, then before you know it, the little fellow will be calling out Eeeee Orrrrr. Then you will know that it's not a wabbit.



  3. I can see why Lily was a bit excited by her cake!!

    We too had water this morning, so no carrying it out to the fields today :-) The alpacas aren't so bothered by the lack of flushing toilets.

  4. I like Lily's new pet....is it a giant....wabbit....mind you what a cake !!..I want one like that......is that where the wabbit came out of !!.....as a surprise !!.....nice to hear you have running water.......Oh..life's little luxuries....Jayne