Monday 29 November 2010

Calling David Wright.....

Hi Folks

Well what a's day two for us with no water but at the minute we don't have that much snow, although I might have just spoke to soon.

We have been putting nice and warm manure on the pipework that comes out the ground to try and help thaw them I don't mind the smell of manure but when your face down under the caravan pushing manure past your face and over the pipes it started to look like a bush tucker trail from "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" well that was a good job done, so lets hope the heat starts to thaw the pipework out.

Now for a public announcement....we had a lovely email Sunday afternoon from a gentleman called David Wright. Unfortunately David for some reason when trying to respond to your email it gets returned back to me with invalid address error, so if your reading this blog and you would like to call us we would be more than happy to call you back and have a chat.

Lily has got a new pet which her great grandma has brought her for Christmas, anyone wishing to guess what this is? Jayne get your psychic powers working!

Well that's all for tonight.


  1. My guess....A pet Turkey !..I had a pet turkey he lived till he was 11...he was called Mistletoe!....or Lurkey Turkey !...a lovely Norfolk Bronze !........keep those !.......Jayne

  2. I like all your suggestions, I think you will all be dissapointed though. Rob you are so predictable!