Thursday 11 November 2010

Windy Times....Rocking Caravan!

Hi Folks,

Well what a week off I'm having. Not only has my work phone not stopped ringing, the weather is horrendous. I'm so glad I finally managed to secure the caravan down, we are convinced that with this wind pounding against the caravan it would have certainly moved. Listening to the wind buffeting us about is not for the faint hearted. Lisa and I sit here and then just look at each other as the wind takes hold again and we secretly think I hope this wind stops soon. My philosophy behind it all is that if the field shelters are still standing then we should be OK.......fingers crossed!

Well that's enough about the weather. We have been bottle feeding one of our cria's for the last few weeks after it became apparent that he was just not getting enough from his mum, Lisa had been keeping an eye on him when feeding from his mum and noticed that he just didn't seem to be getting anything, so we decided that bottle feeding was the best solution. Well we are pleased to say that he his now looking more content and plays more with the other cria's causing mayhem in the paddocks.

We have now managed to organise our barns to allow us to bring all the alpacas in through bad weather and over the winter. Jayne we certainly have mud now so the nice green grass pictures are well and truly gone until next year! with the barns setup for the alpacas its given us the piece of mind knowing that all the alpacas can be tucked and allowed to dry out. A collection of hay and straw filled our gaps so we are now set for the winter.

Well that's all for now, we have another sleepless night ahead, as we listen to the wind rattling the caravan........


  1. I hope that caravan stays well and truly fixed !! and you dont wake up like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Ozz !!!!....keep those little red shoes handy and hang on tight !!!...maybe the wind will soon be on its way !!.....plenty of mud here....and its nice to have the animals tucked up nice and cosy !!.....Jayne

  2. The Caravan is rocking eh! That takes me back to my youth he he

  3. Not that sort of rocking Rob! and Jayne how did you know about my little red shoes....I thought I had kept that a secret!