Wednesday 1 December 2010

Eating Snow......What Us!

Hi All,

We have had snow again today on and off but still nothing like those up north. The water is still flowing and despite the bitter temperatures we are coping quite well in the caravan and on the farm.

Lisa has been out with the camera today and snapped a picture of some of our Ryeland sheep, just as Lisa got the camera ready they lifted there heads to reveal what they have been up there must be grass under here somewhere!

Lily was happy climbing on the hay stack, closely followed by the dogs who seem to follow her everywhere, even up the hay stack!

Well its still snowing this evening, so I wonder what tomorrow will bring for getting to work in the early hours of the morning. The alpacas don't even get up as I leave, they just raise there heads and look. I'm sure I can here them sniggering at me as I leave, while they are snug in the barn in there straw beds and I'm pretending to be Christopher Dean on the yard!
That's all for now, back soon.


  1. Great photo of the Ryelands...what cool sheep...literally I guess on this occasion!

  2. U got snow....see it does venture down south....just a little taste of the white couldn't be left out...the sheep look great and the dogs, with Lily in the barn are fantastic......excellent photos....I must admit...I have often wondered...who works the hardest......the humans....or the animals....!! I reckon its the humans !!.....I often have an audience....watching me struggle with something.......!!..........Jayne