Thursday 30 December 2010

Mud Mud and Ooops....

Hi Folks,

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are now ready to see the New Year in. We are hoping for healthy cria's being born and wish everyone success in the prevailing year.

The snow has now all gone apart from the odd pile which is hanging around like a bad smell, like many other breeders we are now back to sloshing around in slippy mud as Lisa found out this afternoon.....when bringing the horses in, Lisa slipped over followed by the horse slipping over and landing on top of Lisa, pushing her deep into the mud. Although Lisa is a bit battered and bruised (pictures to follow) I did have to laugh as she stood at the door completely covered from head to toe in mud. We had to hose off her clothes to remove the mud, not whilst Lisa was still wearing them, although the thought did cross my mind for a minute, but it is still the festive season so I ran her a bath instead.

All the alpacas seem happy to be spending more time out in the paddocks now that they have some grass to nibble on. The weanling's have settled into there new paddock and occasionally look for there mums, but with the grass back they soon put there heads down again.
We have been busy with the usual husbandry duties and just seem to run out of hours in the day to try and achieve anything else. The list of jobs just keeps growing, don't get me wrong we are not complaining, that's the way it goes, the daylight will become longer soon and the job list will take a hammering...hopefully!

We hope to have some exciting announcements in 2011 to share with you all and some interesting ideas for our business will be put into action. We wish everyone great success in 2011 and hope to read about your journeys as the year goes on.

Happy New Year All


  1. Looking forward to those pictures!!!

    Happy New Year

  2. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Come on Donkey, lets have the pictures. I have got to see this ;o))

    Happy New Year Donk and all the family.

    Rob n Les