Thursday 9 September 2010

WillowBank Prime Contender

Hi Folks
We just wanted to introduce you to our new addition that arrived at 7.15pm on Tuesday evening......this is "WillowBank Prime Contender" sired by "Wellground Close Encounter"
"WillowBank Prime Contender"
"WillowBank Prime Contender" being greeted by this years cria's
The above picture is "WillowBank Prime Contender" with his mum "Wellground Beyond Compare" details of the genetics to follow soon. We cant wait to see what this little fella turns out like as time goes by.....good times ahead......fingers crossed.
That's all for now, back soon.


  1. Looking Good WillowBank. Nice !!!!

    Rob n Les

  2. Hi, Im new to your blog, and wondered if a late birth like this is unusual, I was told they are normally born between 7am & 2pm, although I have had two births between 5 and 6pm although that was late July so nights were light longer. How do you cope with such a late birth?

  3. Hi Ginnie,
    Welcome to the world of blogging and breeding alpacas. Our late cria born at 7.15pm in all honestly was not a problem once he had actually been born.
    We are lucky to have space in one of our barns that we use as a birthing bay / sick bay which is all kitted out with heat lamps and a deep bed of fresh straw for circumstances like this.
    We do also have jackets for our cria's however we have not used them as of yet, as we have heard tales of the mothers rejecting the cria when the jackets are on.
    Its not un-heard of having late births but at the same time its not that common. Im sure you will soon learn that these animals will love to challenge you as a breeder, and the best bit of advice we can give you is expect the unexpected and try and be as prepared as you can, but most of all enjoy this wonderful life style.
    Karl & Lisa

  4. Congratulations...nice to see your latest doing well....this years cria are a credit to you...looking good guys....Jayne