Tuesday 7 September 2010

Close Encounter

Hi Folks

Just a quick blog tonight as I have not long just got in from work and Lisa has been very busy.......today has been one of those days for Lisa, Wellground Beyond Compare one of our females has had a bit of a hard time delivering her cria, in fact she didn't Lisa did it for her.

Well the vet was called at 2pm as Lisa just had that feeling things were not going well, the vet came very promptly which was fantastic and after a little examination was happy that things were fine. Lisa is now watching Beyond Compare with eagle eyes as she is convinced that she is going to give birth tonight........

6.20pm Beyond Compare is defiantly having the cria....Lisa springs into action and soon realise that there is problems.....6.30pm the vet is called again on is on her way......unfortunately Lisa couldn't wait as all that was showing was the cria's nose then with a little help two front legs and the head....great Lisa thinks I will step back and observe the goings on.....it soon became apparent that Beyond Compare didn't want to be left and followed Lisa up the paddock.....Lisa then took a closer look and decided she would help, oh no......two front legs, one head and whats that poking out.......its a back foot......dilemma time. Lisa had noticed that the fight was starting to go out of the unborn cria and something needed to be done NOW the vet was still on her way not wanting to risk possible complication with pushing it back in.....so there was nothing else for it apart from pulling the cria out as it was.

Well we are very pleased to announce that the cria came out alive and kicking after a good rub to get things going to the arrival of the vet, the little boy came out with one back leg forwards and the other backwards, these animals do like to challenge us.

Beyond Compare was examined in case of damage caused by this delivery but all was well with a clear bill of health given by the vet. The cria was up on its feet and feeding from mum in no-time which is good news although he is a little premature as his ears are flopping forwards, but at least he is alive.

Both mother and son are under the heat lamps tonight with constant checks to make sure all is still going well. So fingers crossed that things stay this way and we get to keep our "Wellground Close Encounter" Son.

Well that's all for tonight, pictures coming soon.......


  1. All we can say is Well done Lisa. Superstar!!!!

    Rob n Les

  2. We do owe you guys though for giving Lisa support over the phone, I forgot to put that in the blog and we don't mind admitting it.

    Thanks Guys.

  3. Well Done...guys...these births can be traumatic...and they test us...Congratulations on your...lovely New Arrivals....Jayne